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*[[Quantum Protocol Zoo:Copyrights|Copyrights]]
== Getting started ==
Various functionalities and corresponding Quantum Protocol Zoo is a repository of protocols for quantum communication networks. Application layer. The wiki consists of two types of pages: The first type is a functionality page, describing a general task which can be realized in a quantum network (the "what"). The second type of page is a protocol page, which describes a specific protocol implementing the defined functionality (the "how"). These pages are listed in [[Protocol Library]]) are presented according to the boxed structures given below. A Furthermore, a page on [[Supplementary Information]] has been provided for any additional introduction to background information about quantum computation. Various categories have also been used as 'tags' to link several protocols similar in some aspectstheory. Any information on [[How to Submit]] or contact can be found in the Navigation menu on the sidebar.Users can Every page has a Discussion section, where users are welcome to leave their helpful comments in the [[Talk:Main Page|Discussion]] section of the concerned wiki page.
== File Format ==
==Wonder how you can contribute? = Functionality File ===---- </br><div style="background-color: white; border: solid thin black;title=Functionality Description;">* '''Functionality Description''' A lucid definition of functionality in discussion.----* '''Tags''' Any related page or list of protocols is connected by this section----* '''Use Case''' (if available) compares security, efficiency and practicality of quantum protocols with its available classical analogues; connects protcols with real world applications. ----*'''Protocols''' List of different types of example protocol achieving the functionality (Each protocol in this list is written in the format given below) depending on the task achieved or [[:Catgeory: Network Stages|Network Stages]] required to achieve the same functioanlity ----*'''Properties''' All properties that should be satisfied by any protocol achieving the concerned functionality and other common terminologies used in all the protocols. ----*'''Further Information''' Any issue that could not be addressed or find a place in the above sections or any review paper discussing a feature of various types of protocols related to the functionality. </div> === Protocol File ===---- </br><div style="background-color: white; border: solid thin black;title=Functionality Description;">*'''Link''' to the corresponding functionality together with short description of the method used and properties satisfied by a protocol.----*'''Tags''' Any related page or list of protocols is connected by this section----*'''Assumptions''' It describes the setting in which the protocol will be successful. Any assumption on the setup for the protocol below is listed in this section.----*'''Outline''' A non-mathematical detailed outline which provides a rough idea of the concerned protocol. A figure is accommodated for most protocols. ----*'''Notation''' Connects the non-mathematical outline with further sections.----*'''Hardware requirements''' Order of digits related to threshold values, QBit Error Rate (QBER), parameters, etc.. are illustrated in this section.----*'''Properties''' A list of important information extracted from the protocol such as, parameters (threshold values), security claim, success probability, etc..----*'''Pseudocode''' Mathematical step-wise protocol algorithm helpful to write a subroutine.----*'''Further Information''' Any useful information that could not find its place in the above description goes here. Also, some pages on protocols might include short description as below for list of protocols in the same class of functionality and network stage that are easy to interpret after reading the concerned formal description (or are variants of the protocol discussed above):*Theoretical Papers: **How is it different from the above protocol**Requirements**Security*Experimental Papers: **Which paper or protocol does it implement**Benchmark values for this demonstration</div>

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