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'''Welcome to The Quantum Protocol Zoo -''' ''Explore, Learn, Code and Implement Quantum Protocols''<br/><br/>The quantum protocol zoo is an open repository of protocols for quantum networks. It provides a compact and canonical way to explore such protocols. Moreover, it allows for easy communication among computer scientists, engineers, and physicists on a single platform.
 *About the site:**[[Quantum Protocol Zoo: About|About us]] **[[Quantum Protocol Zoo: General disclaimer| Disclaimer]]**[[Quantum Protocol Zoo: Copyrights|Copyrights]] *Libraries:**[[Protocol Library|Protocol Library]]**[[Certification Library|Certification Library]] 
== Getting started ==
Quantum Protocol Zoo is a repository of protocols for quantum networks. It presents a wiki of protocols for various functionalities classified in terms of the [[:Category: Network Stages|network stages]] for a quantum internet. It is important to note that, although there are several different ways of defining a protocol, we characterise it as something that involves more than one party. In particular, we define a protocol as a sequence of steps, specifically designed to accomplish a task. It may or may not involve an algorithm and could be run between trusted parties as well as parties who don't trust each other.