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The wiki consists of two types of pages: The first type is a functionality page, describing a general task which can be realized in a quantum network (the "what"). The second type of page is a protocol page, which describes a specific protocol implementing the defined functionality (the "how"). These pages are listed in [[Protocol Library]]. Furthermore, a page on [[Supplementary Information]] has been provided for background information about quantum theory. Any information on [[How to Submit]] or contact can be found in the Navigation menu on the sidebar. Every page has a Discussion section, where users are welcome to leave their comments.
== The goal ==
The goal of this project is multifold. Firstly, it aims to provide a compact review of all the existing protocols in one place for beginners in a manner that is accessible to both the young researchers as well as ``quantum enthusiast" (anyone who has basic knowledge about the postulates of quantum mechanics). Secondly, for experts in both theory and experiments, it gives an exciting opportunity to find real-life use cases for the listed protocols and at the same time innovate on the existing ones in order to develop completely new protocols. Finally, our main intention is to standardize all the known protocols to make the community ``quantum-internet" ready. At the same time, we would like to emphasize that our purpose is not to point out the strengths and weaknesses of any particular protocol or functionality. Instead, we would like to initiate a discussion on a fair measure to calculate implementation costs in different physical systems and to recognize the underlying building blocks for quantum internet protocols. As a direct consequence of this effort, hosting the protocols in this fashion provides an intuitive link between several protocols to gain a better understanding. Moreover, with the progress of technology and improvements in the current protocols, we would like to have a resource that can be updated, something that is not justified with the review articles or a book. We, therefore, invite everyone from the quantum information community to contribute to this initiative in collectively making the protocol zoo a crucial source for quantum protocols.
== Wonder how you can contribute? ==

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