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*[[Quantum Protocol Zoo:Copyrights|Copyrights]]
== Getting started ==
Quantum Protocol Zoo is a repository of protocols for quantum networks. It presents a wiki of protocols for various functionalities classified in terms of the [[:Category: Quantum Memory Network StageStages|network stages]] for quantum internet. It is important to note that, although, there are several different ways of defining a protocol, we characterize it as something that involves more than one party. In particular, we define a protocol as a sequence of steps, specifically designed to accomplish a task. It may or may not involve an algorithm and could be run between trusted parties as well as parties who don't trust each other.
The wiki consists of two types of pages: The first type is a functionality page, describing a general task which can be realized in a quantum network (the "what"). The second type of page is a protocol page, which describes a specific protocol implementing the defined functionality (the "how"). These pages are listed in [[Protocol Library]]. Furthermore, a page on [[Supplementary Information]] has been provided for background information about quantum theory. Any information on [[How to Submit]] or contact can be found in the Navigation menu on the sidebar. Every page has a Discussion section, where users are welcome to leave their comments.

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