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You can switch from Lineage to Resources graphs by clicking this button

How to?

Those graphs are interactive. You can click a node to show information about it. You can double click on a node to show its page in the wiki protocol zoo if it exists.
In the Lineage graph (by default), on a node click, his lineage, both ascending and descending are highlighted.
In the Resources graph, a click on a node shows every other resources that you can use when the one you clicked is available. You can click on multiple nodes to add them to your selection of available resources.


  • Blue nodes: Functionalities
  • Purple node: Missing Functionality
  • Green nodes: Protocols
  • Pink nodes: Missing Protocols
  • Yellow nodes: Nodal Subroutines
  • Red nodes: Physical Resources

In this graph, subtypes are shown as their parents. But they are highlighted in grey when their parents are selected.
Protocol parties are merged with their parents, but visible on every other pages (if the graph is shown).